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  • UW TGA Support Forum
    A place to get your questions answered!
    Post your questions and comments in the support forum.

  • TGA Manual
    The newest version of the TGA Manual.

  • Tactile Textures and Patterns
    Textures for your figures.
    These can be used with Adobe Photoshop. Check out the tutorial for more information.

  • Single Images for Practice
    This package includes three easier to use images to give you practice for the entire tactile graphic process.
    It also contains what the output should look like after each step. Practice on these first.

  • Images for Batch Practice
    This package includes 19 easier to use images.
    The package is to give you practice using batch processing during the tactile graphic process. Practice on these second.

  • Nemeth Code Resources
    Use these resources if you want to insert Nemeth into your figures.
    Nemeth is used for math notation. Check out the tutorial for more information.

  • OCR A Extended Font
    The optional font used during the OCR process.

  • Braille 29 Font
    The font used in Adobe Illustrator to recognize Braille characters.

  • Remove First Line Perl Script
    If you are using an older version of Omnipage, you may have a blank line at the top of your text files.
    This script removes the first line of every text file within the directory.

  • Remove Spaces Perl Script
    This script removes the spaces in front of or at the end of each line.
    It removes spaces for every text file within the directory the script is executed.

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