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Tactile Graphics Project in UW Daily

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Ladner Story in CRA Newsletter

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Ladner Featured in Departmental Newsletter

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Ladner Featured in Campaign UW Newsletter

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Professor Ladner featured in several stories.

Ladner Receives PAESMEM Award

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Professor Ladner won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEM). Richard was one of 7 "individual" recipients. He was honored at the White House on 5/16/2005 for his work with women and the deaf and blind communities.

Project Featured in Seattle PI

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A second article featuring the Tactile Graphics Project.

Program Featured on UWTV

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A vignette featuring the u b i t Research Program has aired on UWTV and is now available online.

Project Featured in discoverUW

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We were featured in a recent discoverUW article.

Project Featured in UW News

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We were featured in a recent UW News article.

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