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 Modern Astrophysics Tactile Images - Appendix
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Appendix Images


Download and decompress the zip file. Make sure you have at least 4.6 MB of free space before decompressing the whole file.Adobe Illustrator CS and Braille29 font are needed to properly view the files.

The Tiger Pro Embosser is needed to produce embossed images. The images are varied in width and height. In Illustrator, go to File->Document Setup to view an image's dimensions. Then, in the print menu, select the proper paper size that would fit the image. If no existing paper size would fit, go to Printers and Faxes setting in Control Panel. Select File->Server Properties and create a form with the desired paper width and height.

Download Appendix images

Preview Images

The following gif images are for preview purposes only. They are not meant to be embossed as tactile images.


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